Is Vegan a Very Exciting Gogreen Adventure at Nocost ?

Whether you are concerned with ethical issues or hope for losing weight or want to cleanse you body – veganism is worth trying.

However, as I mentioned previously – here – changing to vegan is daunting but possible.

Vegans don’t appreciate much those whose motivation is only confined to “going on a diet,” as it is not quite what veganism is about.

Just to give you a hint: there is no “joker days,” as in typical diet – no days off when you are allowed to gorge yourself in meat dishes.

Only when you adopt a vegan lifestyle in all respects, you become a part of a vegan worldwide community.

It’s a way of life that will cost you many sacrifices, yet will pay back well in the future.

Vegans’ promise is that once you become familiarized with all the benefits of quitting all animal products, you will never go back, for being a vegan improves the health, the environment and whole humanity.

Raw vegan sushi rolls with vegetables and green sauce with food styling in restaurant

Nevertheless, adhering to vegan philosophy is a lengthy and complex process. What I’ve done wrong during my 7-day experiment is switching at once. It’s highly NOT recommended. Instead of taking the plunge, the method of small steps should be endorsed. Thanks to gradual changes, you’ll observe how you and your body feel. Once you give up meat in the first week, abandoning dairy, fish and eggs will come easier in the following weeks.

Plus: think twice about getting rid of all beauty products that were tested on animals the day you decided turn vegan. It would be such a waste! Instead, verify on the Internet (e.g. here: ) what brands are cruelty-free and shop for new cosmetics only after you run out of the old ones.


Personally, I found being vegan challenging for all the suspicion associated with devouring a meal. As eggs aren’t allowed, you must say good-bye to the majority of pastries.

Moreover, butter, yoghurts, chicken stock, and many more, are also out of question – and these are very likely to be among ingredients of your dish.

And – the worst news for some – chocolate. It’s not allowed unless it’s vegan.

I’m almost sure in the nearby shop you won’t, unfortunately, find a vegan chocolate. However, there are shops online that offer tons of various flavours.


For these 7 days I have been vegan, I was trying to find out what vegans are like. Thus, I identified certain features, which may give you a hint for what you’re striving for as a vegan-novice.

Firstly, you must be very consistent in adhering to strict meal plan on everyday basis. No cheating!

Also, commitment and devotion are necessary. You must truly believe in as well as support vegan philosophy. Otherwise, your vegan experience would be limited to merely following latest dietary fad – which is not bad per se but clashes with cruelty-free rationale.

Remember that you must be ready for radical changes in your everyday life.

Dairy-free breakfasts with no eggs may sound quite unusual for the beginners. Also, a wide array of unexpected flavours will soon transform your past, daily menu, which often implies spending few more hours shopping and cooking at the start .

Thus, the excitement about such profound changes in habits is highly advisable.


At the end of the day, the food is truly delicious but preparations may turn out to be time-consuming. Don’t forget that being vegan is still widely considered as some kind of eccentricity and you may hear a lot of comments on your recently adopted diet as well as questions concerning it, such as: what are you eating, what it feels like, etc.


I strongly recommend trying vegan diet for 7 days – with a bunch of my tips you may find it less demanding. Even though I’ve learnt that being vegan is not for me – and that I love eggs so much – I decided to reconcile the love of animals with the love of food. I started buying only free-range eggs, turned to soymilk and I’m limiting consuming animal products to just few days a week.

Try it yourself and share your experience with us!

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