FOMO and 10 movies to watch on Valentine’s Day

Are you familiar with FOMO?

If not (yet), most likely you have already experience it at some point. FOMO, an acronym for Fear of Missing Out is a social anxiety that has been gaining notoriety recently.
On Valentines Day, FOMO is coming to climax – especially for the heartbroken and miserable singles. Having spent over a dozen Valentines Days by myself, I have mastered several approaches to the festival of romantic love.
Staying on track with your friends’ updates on Facebook is never a good idea. Scrolling down the Instagram feed seems similarly detrimental.
As you feel that your friends are just about having rewarding experiences and enjoy being so much in love, beware! That is FOMO approaching.
Now, that you realized that on February 14th, social media are as harmful as looking back to failed relationships, I hope you will log out. Now let’s consider an alternative. A big bowl of homemade (healthy!) popcorn and a good movie sounds delightful. Additionally, you may invite your girls over. If you decide to take all the cosiness of the February night, I suggest to put on the biggest and most comfy sweater you are proud to possess and told your beasties to do the same. What’s more, consider the minimum option of “No makeup, no problem” and experiment with coconut oil. It’s been already all desired and valued around the world, really affordable and just magnificent. Its benefits are countless and pertain to hair, face, lips, hands, body, etc. Recipes for homemade scrubs and masks are available online and in fact, very easy.

Treating yourself with DIY home spa and watching one of the following movies might ensure that being single on Valentines day is not that bad.

1. Sex at The City (random episodes) / Girls (start from the beginning!)
Reliving Carrie’s turmoil, Mr. Big provided her with, proves that being a single and having loyal friends means more than a mediocre relationship. Especially, when NYC makes the setting.
Girls – recommended if you already know all the SatC episodes by heart. And in any other time of the year, not only V-day.



2. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
All girls love it. Period.


3. Love and Other Disasters.
Cute and unchallenging. Nice and easy. Justified by the Valentines Day.


4. Interstellar.
What means ‘love,’ when the human existence is threatened? Bonus: Matthew McConaughey


5. Breakfast Club.
College badass story set in 80’s. So romantic and classical. Again, let’s praise good old friends.


6. Alfie.
Just to remind you that being single might be a wiser choice. Sometimes. Bonus: Jude Law. And iconic Sienna Miller’s style.


7. 10 things I Hate About You.
It feels so good to be young and single. And mean as Julia Stiles. And determined as Heath Ledger. Bonus: thanks God we don’t have to wear their clothes anymore.


8. Reservoir Dogs
When you are just not into sweet-toned, honeyed, sugar-coated stories. Have a Tarantino-themed night. Good stories are not only love stories.


9. Hills have eyes / The Conjouring

A horror that will scare you to death is an easy way to forget about lacking a significant other. Ask somebody to stay for the night, though.


10. Lost in Translation.
Young Scarlett. In Japan. With Bill Murray. A black comedy that is both romantic and thought-provoking. Perfect for Valentines Day when you don’t feel like observing it.


Bonus: Keeping Up With Kardashians.
Just because.

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