The Earlier The Better – How to become a Morning Person

When you’re recalling your university years most certainly you come up with all those sleepless nights you spend either studying or partying.


Unless these hours of darkness were sleepless, two or three hours in bed were more than enough for you to get up easily and confront the world. You may have been a little sleepy, drowsy and sluggish, yet, still able to make it through the day after. The extraordinary ability to recover quickly after a hard night is the capacity you miss the most when you’re getting older – or, one magic powers of being young.

 As far as I’m concerned, there is no particular formula for returning these glorious years back. However, what you can do is to start making the most out of the sleeping at night. And eventually, be your best self in the morning. Personally, I’ve always envied people who can do without steady refill of caffeine in my body; those who have a cup of green tea in the morning; those who begin Saturdays and Sundays early in the morning and have a brunch with friends downtown; ultimately – those who simply talk to people in the morning politely for the whole week.

It was once so cool to be a night owl. As you getting older, you discover the perks of being a morning person. It’s just awesome!


But how to get there ?


  1. Plan your evening as if you had an hour less.

It’s been scientifically proven that people tend to overestimate the amount of time they have to complete a task. To avoid a planning fallacy, don’t impose excessive burden of work on yourself.


  1. Set a Breakfast o’clock.

There’re two kinds of people: those who can’t leave to work without a breakfast and those who skip it and drink only coffee instead. The latter, unfortunately, prevails. It is scientifically proven (again) that having a breakfast in the morning before you jump into your daily tasks diminish the stress level by 80%. Sounds amazing. I personally recommend having some hearty oatmeal with fruits and nuts. Nutritionists endorse proteins and whole grains as a must in (the healthiest) breakfasts of champions.



  1. Wake up, work out.

Don’t exercise late in the evening. Instead, put on your gym outfit in the morning. According to experts, your energy surge boosts as as your body temperature and adrenalin level increases. And added bonus: exercising before breakfast burns more fat calories, which means you lose more loss than when exercising after breakfast.


  1. Add a spark of a Sleeping beauty.

Regarding your beauty routine there’re some hacks you can use and don’t look like a deadbeat. For those who have long hair – try braiding your hair loosely right before going to bed. In the morning you’ll enjoy extra volume and natural waves. Your hair is too short? Accessorize your hairstyle with a headband. Wearing a beanie only works for a day off or highschool…


  1. Bring on gleams of sunshine in your bedroom.

The sunlight is your ally of the morning. In the spring-summer season it’s enough to invite the bright light into your bedroom and let it wake you up. For the autumn-winter time, the most powerful tool that substitutes natural sun is a light bos that is designed to emit light similar to sunlight. As your body is sensitive both to light and temperature, a light box placed in your bedroom will force your body awake in the early hours.


Woman stretching in bed, back view


  1. Get yourself in the sleeping mood.

Opt for a book and a magazine instead of radio and television – unless it’s possible keep the volume low. Just slow down, relax and put your feet up. The same applies to laptops, tablets and smartphones. Screens emit the light that stimulate your sight and prevent you from falling asleep smoothly.


  1. Skip the booze and hard to digest meals.

When I was a kid, I was always told that eating a lot right before sleeping causes nightmares. I was absolutely convinced. Now, I learned it wasn’t old wives’ tale. In the night you want the body to rest – not to break down food in the alimentary canal into substances that can be absorbed and used by the body. Primo, eating late makes you fat. Secundo, it makes your sleep more shallow, thus, less beneficial for you. The same is involves booze. If you think a glass of wine will put you in the bed, it will. But the sleep won’t be as deep as it should be and in the morning you’ll wake up exhausted.


  1. Eat if you have to, but …

… it doesn’t mean you have to go to sleep hungry – or thirsty. Benefit from food that is sleep-friendly. Sip at lemon balm tea. When you’re really hungry, try some homemade popcorn or low-fat cheese. Hummus with sliced veggies is also an option. Remember that ‘eating after 6 pm’ is one of the greatest diet myths. It’s all about when you’re going to sleep. Eat the last meal 3-4 hours before getting to sleep and you’ll be fine.


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