The best wine match ever…

NOT by a sommelier (maybe someday..) – but taken from a female wine tasting experience 🙂

Dinner, friends, wine and a lot of fun? Is it a good idea for an evening?

You have already bought some cheeses, grapes, nuts and other finger food or even better…you cooked something!
Is the only problem left to chose a bottle of wine which will be the best match ever for that evening?

If you said yes to at least one of above, then read the text and maybe you decide to use our advice.

We usually drop by the wine shop in a hurry. Only a few of us can carefully read the label and spend time tasting before the purchase. We just ask the seller for advice or buy the kind of wine we already know.
This is at least what I tend to do specially if I can’t find one of my favorites.

Still my love for wine and the knowledge gained through travels and studying help me in the process of selection that ensures the evening is not spoiled by the wine.

That is why we decided to give you some “picks” that are the best shots always.
Additionally you will surprise your friends with not that obvious choice as the wines recommended are often not well known for the wide audience (for sure not know for everyone who drinks wines 🙂 )

Rocca 2007 Rosso Salento
Indicazione Geografica Tipica

Production zone: Zone tipiche del Salento – Puglia

Grapes: old stumps of Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera cultivated with the little tree system

Alcohol: 14,5 %vol.

Wine features:
this fantastic wine is the result of a late harvest of grapes coming from small vineyards where old vines are grown with the little tree system. After five years of ageing in big Slavonian oak casks, it has the texture of a great wine. The colour is ruby red with garnet highlights. It is a huge wine but soft and supple with pleasant spices notes. Its persistence is endless. The special heavy bottle we use for it has a dark green colour and weights 1,2 Kg net.
Food matches:
roasted and braised meat, game and tasty cheese.
Serving temperature: 18 °C.
Ageing potential: more than 10 years

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