The world went crazy about rose quartz and serenity

Rose quartz and serenity announced as the colors of the year 2016 seem to have dominated the design and fashion completely.

Pantone, which is said to be the authority on colors in consumer trends, announced end of last year that the two colors will rise in ranking as The Colors of the year.

As a supplementary comment the company said both colors represent “connection and wellness as well as a soothing sense of order and peaceโ€.


pantonesource: Pantone

The colors are selected after a research done by the company including surveys with fashionistas and specialists representing pop culture, including movies and music.

Some of you may recall last yearโ€™s color of the year to be Marsala, a very dark and intense mixture of deep burgundy and brown.

The outcome of said survey was that current anxious times call for softer tones bringing the sense of mindfulness and well-being.

We may see the response to the announcement in various designs represented by different industries.

Here are some of the egzamples

apple rose

shoes rose quartz and serenity

source: Pinterest

furniture rose quartz and serenity

source: Westelm

kitchenaid rose quartz

source: Kitchenaid

Rolls Royce Rose Quartz


The announced colors have some oponents as well claiming Pantone is not setting the trends but following

Nevertheless I find it very apealing, espacially looking at the nature May offers to us in recent days plus they are nice colors to wear!

rose quartz and serenity


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