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How to really enjoy your vacation

Vacation booked and longed for. Still once you’re there ready to relax you suddenly realize you’re actually not resting. Sounds familiar? That probably means you have a lot on your head on the daily. So what to do to enjoy your holiday and make use of what you have waited for?

This is something I’ve been struggling with a lot myself. Even being aware of all the side effects of not having a rest for a longer time I still couldn’t stop keeping my head busy. Step by step I created a plan how to be successful in the area of holiday. Sounds crazy, I know. Despite that I guess building a plan is actually a good exercise for all the plan following junkies

Some of you have a job out there which is hard to let go off for a few days. Well, I took that into consideration. It’s not about throwing your laptop and smartphone out of a window. An advice given often by work life balance promoters. I can imagine you would probably not stand that and end up with anxiety not letting you relax in the end.

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The key is to build your day around holiday theme and as much as possible in the holiday mood.

  • Set time slots for yourself to check your mailbox if you have to. Of course you may totally skip that one if it doesn’t have any reference to your reality. That’s great. If it does however it’s best to set a time for it. It can be early in the morning before the day starts for the rest of your holiday companions or in the evening. Choose what works for you. Do what you have to do and then switch off. That will help you relax when being busy with summer unplugged activities.


  • Plan those activities. For my last holiday I planned to wake up shortly after 5 am just to see the sunrise over the bay full of mooring yachts. I guess I could have pretty well slept until 11 instead. The only difference is I wouldn’t have a great memory from my summer break.
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mooring yachts Tuscany

  • Arrange for trips you wanted to do. Thanks to that your mind will be busy organizing as it is used to but the job so to speak will be less stressful than it usually is. There are many advantages of it. First, as per Wall Street Journall, scientists say planning vacation and activities around it has a relaxing effect on our brain. That planning has actually the positive effect already before the holiday as we anticipate the good experiences to happen.


  • Engage with family and friends. Organize joint dinners and have some good laugh. It very much depends whether you recharge your batteries with people or alone. Still vacation gives you the time to socialize with others which is good to make use of.


  • Follow up with the books you wanted to read or movies you wanted to watch and be focused to have that ticked off by the end of your holiday


  • Practice mindfulness. That can be challenging. We find ourselves thinking about our past or planning our future without really experiencing the present. Don’t you have that when finally experiencing something you have waited for so long you are actually not fully mindfull to cherish it? Being here and now is what make us celebrate our life.


So, do I use my holiday to the fullest? Well in whole fairness I’m still working on that but I’m getting there. The motivation is to be more creative and productive after the break. The additional advantage of having a rest is friends tell you look better…

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