Prescription for Happiness

Can you learn how to be happy?

For those feeling some sense of unhappiness, we have good news. Yes, you can!

You can actually work on your happiness. This becomes a new, sexy trend together with all the trends related to a healthy life style. As you think of that, it makes sense. The happier you become, the more endorphins your mind produces leading to a healthy state of your body. Sounds relatively easy. But what it really takes to create a happy world around you or better said in you? I can imagine this can be a little confusing at first.

Crucial element for it all is to realize that happiness should be the aim in its own. In other words, as scientists say it’s not the perfect job, perfect man or a perfect pair of shoes (well I’d slightly disagree at this point 😉 ) that gives you happiness. It’s actually the happiness itself that brings values or things you considered the base to be happy at first. Sounds encouraging ? Again something to consider since happy people as being more energetic and social tend to attract other people and situations making their life opened for new opportunities and ultimately easier or better one.

Not a surprise, there is even a new science created around that topic. Psychology of Happiness – one of the most googled types of psychology which was started by Martin Seligman.

So, what can you do to increase your happiness? Here’s a recipe or at least part of it.

Be grateful for what you already have. It is very important to acknowledge the current state we are in, our health, achievements or simply situation that we are in particular moment. It’s said that happy people focus on now rather than then.

Challenge yourself in a positive way. This is known as the flow . When we are doing things we are good at we experience flow, a state that gives the filling of fulfillment and drive. That could be anything, from riding a bicycle or exercise through hobby or even job we love to do. Some people experience flow working on particular project, cooking, driving a car or giving speeches. This can be anything. Just think of what that could be for you.

Plan a happy day or happy events and then spend them as planned not forgetting about experiencing them. Living them. A Study of San Francisco University proved that buying experience (theatre, trip, meal with friends) satisfies higher order needs as opposed to buying things. This is also related to the need of social belonging and feeling alive.

That leads to the value of relationships. It’s not only about having that trusted someone we can rely on in moments of gloom although that’s already very good. It’s also about surrounding yourself with positive people. As researches show that boosts tremendously the probability to discover more happiness.

What about money ? Doesn’t money bring happiness ? To some extend of course.

However as people achieve a level of income that enables them taking care of things considered as basic, the correlation between the well-being and wealth begins to fade.

Intriguing enough, some countries started to measure Gross Domestic Happiness next to the GDP.

Above listed is just the top of a mountain as there are many more things like a simple smile that make you feel better and happier.

If you are interested in the topic enough to start exploring it, you may start with testing your positivity ratio established by Barbara Fredrickson at This may be a good base to a recognition of one’s emotions that influence our perception on life. And remember to celebrate the international day of happiness on March 20th.

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