New Year's Inspiration

New Year’s Wishes

Next year has come to an end. So there we are, reflecting, assessing and planning. Yet, this is not a post on New Year’s resolutions that you could expect.

This is the time for me to look back and check if I was successful to achieve some development in areas of my life dearest to me. If I managed to explore more, learn more, experience more and love more.

Being slightly contrary, I’m not going to follow the track of giving you the best advice how you can deal with setting goals for the next year. That you can find here.

Instead, I want to share with you the quotes from one of my favorite books that will inspire you, that will give you courage, consolation or a new perspective.

Whatever you need at the point of life you are cuurrently in.

Purposely, I don’t comment on the chosen statements. Let’s just say I picked those that I found appealing, wise and true.

To me they are as intimate and personal to one another as they are universe.  

You can therefore reflect on it your own way, the way you feel and this is the best way to do it.

Nevertheless, I deeply recommend reading the book and finding out what the author herself was referring to.

The book is “The Woman I Wanted to Be” by Diane Von Furstenberg, my inspiration for this post and one of my inspirations to look up to in life.


  • Listen, always listen (…) Sometimes there are doors that will open and you think it is not an important door and yet it is—so it’s very important to be curious and pay attention, because sometimes you learn and you don’t even know you are learning.


  • Passion and persistence are what matter. Dreams are achievable and you can make your fantasy come true, but there are no shortcuts. Nothing happens without hard work.


  • Fear is not an option.


  • You never know how something that seems the worst thing turns out to be the best.


  • If one door closes, another will open.


  • There is no way to envision life without love (…) Love is a way of feeling alive and respecting life.


  • Love is about relationships, yet the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself.


  • Favorite sutras: Harmony, Integrity, Peace, Abundance, Love, Knowledge, Laughter and Creativity.


  • Dare to be you.


Diane Von Furstenberg


With these words, I wish you and myself the motivation, health and strength to make the best out of the New Year.

All the Best! Alina

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