Mobile Internet – Disruptive Technology

Have you ever thought of how the surrounding technology influences your lifestyle and habits ? Have you ever thought how it influences your needs ? Or these are perhaps the needs that influence the innovation and creation of new technologies ?

In this and coming posts we will introduce some of the disruptive technologies of today and of the future. This knowledge may impact your business decisions of today or at least be an interesting topic to take up when meeting friends.

Disruptive technology is a technology that is to have most probable significant effect on development in economy. As observed by Joseph Schumpeter, a 20th Century economist, only a process of creative destruction can result in major shifts in focus, funds, creation of something new. One could find a reference to basis for a significant change outlined in the field of change management.

There is some good dozen of classified technologies regarded as disruptive.

Mobile internet is one of them. It is amazing to observe that something which has transformed into something normal over the years is changing our social behaviors but, or better said because of that shouldn’t be neglected in our business approach.

Mary Meeker has just released the latest 2015 Internet Trend Analysis. The report is extremely comprehensive and I encourage those interested in more details to get some more insight here.

Important highlights are that nowadays we have 2.8 billion users of internet worldwide. Calculating with usage of KPCB report and McKinsey report dated 2013, there is still expected over 3 billions of users to connect. That would mean that we may expect nearly 80% of global population to be internet connected in years looking forward.

It is also estimated that in only two years the percentage of mobile usage within the group of internet connected will rise up to 90% ! 51% of time spent in internet by adults in USA is that using mobile devices, an over 3 times more than 5 years back.

Well I’m quite impressed to be honest. On top engagement of users continues to rise.

What does it mean for your business? First of all, you have to be internet present, second of all you should assure your website is compatible with mobile devices. Even Google, the master of data collecting, has just recently started positioning websites with mobile functionality higher than those without it. Think of that…We’re living in reality where more and more people expect to get what they want with ease and speed. .. It’s also increasingly important to invest into mobile advertising which is on the rise at the moment and which still has huge potential of growth. Stay tuned…

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