Meditation. My new practice for the New Year.

If you have read some of my previous posts, you know that one of my desires for the passing year was to explore the topic of meditation. Up to some time ago, I have heard many positives about it. Yet the area seemed either strange or distant. I was sceptic associating it more with a trend for some crazy yogis.

Luckily, I came across people and sources that helped me start with it. And I am more than grateful I had a chance to start to know the practice.

As I see many benefits, I decided to share them with you to possibly encourage you to try it as well.

We care more nowadays, about what we put in our mouth and body. Why not care more about what we put in our mind.

Here are the five main reasons I love about meditation.

I can feel happy more often and easier. Most of all I learnt that it is my choice to feel either frustrated or accept the situation believing that it is there to happen for a good reason. Imagine, you get stuck in a traffic jam on the way to work. I am sure you have experienced that. Either you have a choice to go nuts by the fact or you can accept that. It may sound irrational or undoable but think of the benefits. Your day forward may be dull or it may be bright, normal.  Make that exercise and see what happens next. Taking a different road or going slower for a while may have interesting results. You may meet someone you wanted to see. Your favorite song may be on the radio. You may even avoid an accident or simply but still good, there is no negative result of you actually being late… The idea of a reason behind every sh*t is in fact curing.

Helps overcome issues and obstacles by reducing stress. Meditation activates relaxation response. By doing so, it reduces your blood pressure and pulse rate. Your breath is slower and deeper. Finally, your mood is enhanced.

It works and it is good to feel good.

Other than that, I do not have to explain the positives of reduced stress because you all well know them. The undeniably good effect on health.

Gives support at public speaking. Meditation has calming effect and makes you more focused and connected to yourself. It is complicated to explain. However if you would look for a reason to start meditating and speaking to an audience evokes your anxiety you should definitely try it.

Helps me attract what I want. Meditation shifts the energy from what is negative into positive. It helps focus on things that I do have instead of the opposite. By doing so, I am grateful for all I have and can attract more positive energy to come. Do not get freaked out by this. Just try and you will love it. Positive energy eliminates fear and judgement. Thus, we are more willing to do things we want, fearless.

Makes me look younger. As I started the meditation practice, I very often hear from my friends I look fresh and rested. Seems like the reduced stress overall has impact on the face muscles as well. Hurray. The argument works for me just fine. Still there is really something to the slower ageing effect that takes place on the cellular level

There are much more benefits which you can explore. However those are the basic ones that for me are already enough to keep continuing.

Those needing more profound encouragement can reach out to articles published by Forbes  or BusinessInsider.

Meditation will definitely be my number one practice for 2018

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