UEFA championship

What to love football championship for

There’s this special time in a while when men are totally focused – crazed would be a better word – on one thing. Football. This becomes top priority when planning a day or even a full month.

As much as that can be annoying, that can actually be the time for the ladies to have same amount of fun. Even or especially if you are not a football fan.


  • Have a weekend get together with your girlfriends – be sure to tell your spouse/boyfriend there’s no championship transmission at the spot you are going. Indulge in a spa relaxation and tons of girly talk.

ladies out of town during football championship

  • Buy some new decor for your home or a pair of new shoes – your partner will most probably be too distracted with the more important thing to pay attention to this 😉


via Garance Dore

  • Adjust the menu to the origins of football teams playing given day – that can be additional inspiration for your normal menu routine. It’s fun for the kids and an excused time off from a diet you’re on. Here’s some tips from Jamie Oliver.

football food


  • Enjoy it! Allow your man to enjoy his hobby and then switch hats for you to enjoy yours. Balanced partnership in the end is all we want.

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