to live a less stressful life

How do I live a less stressful life

To live a less stressful life has been my goal for some time.

I do not want to change my job. I do not want to disregard daily headlines delivered by media, often full of hate and nonsense. I want to be up to date.

In general, I want to stay active in all areas of my life, enjoying my professional and family time. I just want to counter the tension effect.


Avoiding stress is single most important key to longevity. We all know this answer. Yet, we rarely do something about it, thinking there is no way to get away with stress.

This is also true. Stress is everywhere. We encounter it while facing challenging times at work, handling family and friends relationships or managing our finances. It is also present when watching TV or planning our holidays. While some people handle stress better than others, being under constant stress leads to various reactions in our body and mind which are followed by diseases.

Under pressure, it is harder to think rationally or to be creative. We simply lose the will to develop and in worse cases to live.

I do not want that.

That is why I have started to explore and use following ways to release the tension.


Physical activity produces endorphins. For this reason, exercise does not only good for the body but benefits also the mind. It distracts from the problems or challenges currently on your shoulders and switch your focus to the activity. Personally, I am very much into Pilates. I have also taken up the running challenge that for me in addition is the inner fight with my weakness.

Get creative

Again. Distract your mind from the stress. There are so many things to choose. Writing (like a post), cooking, interior design, singing, DIY craft, doodling.

Over the years with more responsibility as we grow, we tend to forget about hobbies. Excuse is the lack of time.

Now, realizing that is actually very important for our mental health, get back to one or quickly develop something new.


For me this one is totally new. I am an eager freshman learning the craft. ย I am open to this having heard so many positive things meditation can bring to our lives. Letโ€™s see where it takes me.


Let the oxygen circulate in your body. Deep and conscious breathing is a rescue at a single stressful event but also helps prevent chronic stress on regular basis. Exhale bad emotions, inhale the good ones.

Eat well

Well does not mean rich or fat. Stress increases level of anxiety hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. Look therefore for food with calming effects and those regulating levels of the hormones. Unfortunately, these are not hamburgers or apple pie. Good enough beef and oysters do extremely well as they are rich in zinc.

Zinc regulates the level of a nerve chemical influencing mood thus its insufficient daily dose leads to anxieties and signs of depression.

As another example, spinach leafs contain folate, producing dopamine that is a pleasure boosting brain chemical.

Other ingredients to mix regularly in meals are avocado and asparagus, both rich resource of folate as well on top full of Vitamin E and B.

Do not forget about antioxidants and Vitamin C and reach out for berries and red pepper. Strong doses of Vitamin C reduce cortisol level.


Good news is that moderate amount of stress has some benefits. The adrenaline we experience triggers the motivation to act. Doses of so called good stress boost effectiveness of performances and sharpens our mind when needed.

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