Gratefulness and the Why and How of it all

Gratefulness is the simplest thing to make you feel happy now. The WHY. Neuroscience, as writes Dr. Joe Dispenza in his book, has proven that we can change our brains, and therefore our behaviors, attitudes and beliefs, just by thinking differently. Thought comes always first and shapes our perception and our reality. Say, there is a rainy day. What is


Energy is everything

Energy is everything.  According to physicists, energy is also everywhere. It forms our environment and our body and cells. It constantly moves and flows and thus energizes and gives us power. Looking from a different perspective, every object, including a person has certain energy, which is either attracting or pushes us away. I am sure you have encountered people that


The three benefits of meditation

The experience I got through meditation has so many benefits I thought it would be unfair to keep it to myself. In a need to give I spread it further. I would encourage everyone who feels any kind of anxiety, sadness, lack of motivation or happiness to try this powerful thing. Actually the fact that it has already been used

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Meditation. My new practice for the New Year.

If you have read some of my previous posts, you know that one of my desires for the passing year was to explore the topic of meditation. Up to some time ago, I have heard many positives about it. Yet the area seemed either strange or distant. I was sceptic associating it more with a trend for some crazy yogis.

to live a less stressful life

How do I live a less stressful life

To live a less stressful life has been my goal for some time. I do not want to change my job. I do not want to disregard daily headlines delivered by media, often full of hate and nonsense. I want to be up to date. In general, I want to stay active in all areas of my life, enjoying my


Should we feel bad about procrastination?

I have been putting writing this article off for quite some time. I really wanted to do it.  But somehow there were different things that came out always more interesting or more important. Do you know that feeling? Have you ever worried that procrastination is slowing you down or felt anyhow differently bad about it? Reading, hearing about the importance

digita detox

Digital Detox

In New York, the widespread detox trend is that in restaurants, bars and cafes access to Wi-Fi is strictly limited. Can you imagine that? Those more despotic venues restrict using laptops whatsoever – for 7 days a week! Where the (crazy) idea came from?  The owners have been forcing all customers to look away from their devices – instead of being online, switch to offline mode: focus on the meal,


Lifestyle Trends in 2017

Beginning of the year inspires me to take an insght in lifestyle trends and possible ideas of how will our reality shape in the course of following months. Why? Well, partially to gratify the internal curiosity to be up to date which direction the world around us is going and partially also to support my refreshed view on certain things.

New Year's Inspiration

New Year’s Wishes

Next year has come to an end. So there we are, reflecting, assessing and planning. Yet, this is not a post on New Year’s resolutions that you could expect. This is the time for me to look back and check if I was successful to achieve some development in areas of my life dearest to me. If I managed to


Vegan Beauty

It is high time to voice that vegan beauty products are the future.   Vegan beauty products? Dermatologist Dr. Gary Goldfaden, explains vegan beauty as “products that are free of any animal byproducts or derivatives.”   Not only are they best for your skin but also cruelty-free goods are not harmful to the environment. Taking into account the critical state


3D Printing shaping the future lifestyle

Despite its beginning in the 80’s 20th century, 3D printing exists broader in the news for last three to four years. Over this time, scientists and innovators from different fields have been trying it more and more in different industries. In 2013, McKinsey pointed it as one of the technologies that will transform our lifestyle in the future. This transformation

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Super foods

Superfoods you just have to know

Most probably, you have already heard of superfoods: goji berries, chia seeds, quinoa, spirulina, etc. Not only their names are hardly pronounceable, but also it is rather hard to say how and why they have earned the super- prefix. Superfoods are the heroes of the all food. Being packed with great amasses of nutrients, antioxidants, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, proteins, and


5 Natural Energy Boosters that will Make You Quit Coffee

Your energy level is running low? You did not have enough sleep the night before? Or maybe it is the weather that makes you drowsy? Most likely, the first remedy that comes to you mind is coffee – or, worse, sugar. Well, think again. Instead of opting for obvious (but false) energy booster, try out our all-natural solutions. Your body


Seven splendid summer TV series

That today’s TV series are better than movies has been a common view for a while now. Yet personally, I had been very reluctant to be of the same mind. It may had been to my rather unsatisfactory prior experience. Usually, they use to bore me terribly – and, eventually, having started watching few productions, I could not make it

enjoy vacation

How to really enjoy your vacation

Vacation booked and longed for. Still once you’re there ready to relax you suddenly realize you’re actually not resting. Sounds familiar? That probably means you have a lot on your head on the daily. So what to do to enjoy your holiday and make use of what you have waited for? This is something I’ve been struggling with a lot

life decisions

Holiday Inspirations. Start something additional.

This one isn’t about to motivate you to start something new in a sense of changing your life. It’s about taking on something in addition that will enrich your life. Holiday is the time of the year when our mind gets a bit more relaxation from daily duties. The thoughts are not around the hustle and errands. For me holiday


Keep your brain fit

Brain is no doubt our most important muscle. Keeping it fit enhances its ability to function at its best. If we may care about and train our body to be healthier, more flexible, energized, faster…why not do the same for our brain. In addition to the advantages gained for today we will be thankful in the future since as scientifically

UEFA championship

What to love football championship for

There’s this special time in a while when men are totally focused – crazed would be a better word – on one thing. Football. This becomes top priority when planning a day or even a full month. As much as that can be annoying, that can actually be the time for the ladies to have same amount of fun. Even


New York Style Breakfast

New York City is a place of uncounted diversity of experience. Breakfast is one of them. You have here the highest buildings, the breathtaking views, one of the longest bridges, the wildest variety of people, museums and shopping. And I’m sure I overlooked something. For all the food lovers this is however a place with the richest variety of choices


The world went crazy about rose quartz and serenity

Rose quartz and serenity announced as the colors of the year 2016 seem to have dominated the design and fashion completely. Pantone, which is said to be the authority on colors in consumer trends, announced end of last year that the two colors will rise in ranking as The Colors of the year. As a supplementary comment the company said


Is Yoga for me ?

“ – Yoga? Nah, it’s not for me; too slow, tedious and monotonous;” “ – When working out, I need to sweat a lot and let off steam, you know? My problem with yoga is that it lacks excitement;” “ – It’s the spiritual depth to yoga that puts me off. The atmosphere and the music during the classes make


The Earlier The Better – How to become a Morning Person

When you’re recalling your university years most certainly you come up with all those sleepless nights you spend either studying or partying.   Unless these hours of darkness were sleepless, two or three hours in bed were more than enough for you to get up easily and confront the world. You may have been a little sleepy, drowsy and sluggish,


Dream Board – Powerful Visualization Tool

Visualization of your dreams helps you get clarity of your goals. Dream board is a perfect way to get started with planning of your ideal life. I tried making a dream board for the very first time a year ago invited by an inspiring friend. At that time I took it as a great possibility to do something new, have


Modern Style Icons

If I were to say what makes one a style icon, I’d say it’s an attitude. Let’s look back on the style icons of all time: Hepburn, Bardot, Monroe, Birkin, Sedgwick, Kelly, Kennedy, and Dietrich to name a few. It wasn’t only their impeccable style for which they are celebrated ever since. Rather, the way they wore clothes, their independence


The most powerful and influential women of today

Meet the most influential ladies of today. Below is not a ranking but just a list or better said the tip of an iceberg of the most influential women in their fields and specializations but also having broad impact outside the scope of their daily professions. Hillary Clinton The lady doesn’t need an introduction. A Yale Law School graduate involved


Is Vegan a Very Exciting Gogreen Adventure at Nocost ?

Whether you are concerned with ethical issues or hope for losing weight or want to cleanse you body – veganism is worth trying. However, as I mentioned previously – here – changing to vegan is daunting but possible. Vegans don’t appreciate much those whose motivation is only confined to “going on a diet,” as it is not quite what veganism


A Love Affair of Fashion and Tech. Meet wearable technology

The world of music and technology has been a couple for many years. Now it’s the fashion and tech that seems to get closer with every year passing. It’s in the starting phase. Still it’s interesting to see where it is going and what the ideas are to use the technology in clothes and accessories we wear daily. With style.


What I have learnt when being a 7 day Vegan

That vegan is not only a diet but also a lifestyle, I heard several times before having tried it myself. Or rather – having decided to seriously challenge myself.   I           To start with… – ENTHUSIASM   At the beginning of my vegan experience, I was extremely excited. I gave myself 7 days to try out a dietary regime


FOMO and 10 movies to watch on Valentine’s Day

Are you familiar with FOMO? If not (yet), most likely you have already experience it at some point. FOMO, an acronym for Fear of Missing Out is a social anxiety that has been gaining notoriety recently. On Valentines Day, FOMO is coming to climax – especially for the heartbroken and miserable singles. Having spent over a dozen Valentines Days by


Fashion Week Facts

February started which inspired me to gather and post few facts about the fashion week. The week or four weeks to be precise that every fashionista is most crazy about… What and Where The history looks back to 1943 and Mrs. Eleanor Lambert who brought the fashion from France to USA. Nowadays more and more places are organizing weekly fashion


The best wine match ever…

NOT by a sommelier (maybe someday..) – but taken from a female wine tasting experience 🙂 Dinner, friends, wine and a lot of fun? Is it a good idea for an evening? You have already bought some cheeses, grapes, nuts and other finger food or even better…you cooked something! Is the only problem left to chose a bottle of wine

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Going Vegan

Is the current craze just about the urbanites fed up with the processed food that is prevalent in supermarkets and restaurants? Let’s have a deeper insight into recent phenomenon. Nowadays, it’s rather easy to get lost in the jungle of various dietary regimes. Fleeting fad diets come and go: the Hollywood diet, low-fat, no carbs, high-protein, the Zone diet only


Let’s start with an A…like Amsterdam. Restaurant review.

When I was asked to write a recommendation of a restaurant in Amsterdam I thought it was an easy one for me having been and tasted in many which is what I love to do most…(almost 😉 ) During my visits in this beautiful city of the art, bicycles and canals I was as usual determined to choose an interesting


New Year’s Resolutions – Easy when SMART

The year is coming to an end, so excitement, great expectations and enthusiasm are coming alongside. New year’s resolutions bring new hopes. Even the most stubborn fatalists happen to get more positive as the New Year is approaching. There is some of a metaphorical edge to this: a year is reaching its grande finale and some affairs are left behind.

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It’s the most wonderful time of the Year! – Is it ?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We all know Andy Williams song, don’t we? And we all have heard it several times already. In all likelihood, it was in shopping malls or stores. Christmas time – it is exceptional for sure, but let’s be honest: by the time we sit together at the table, spend time with the


Prescription for Happiness

Can you learn how to be happy? For those feeling some sense of unhappiness, we have good news. Yes, you can! You can actually work on your happiness. This becomes a new, sexy trend together with all the trends related to a healthy life style. As you think of that, it makes sense. The happier you become, the more endorphins