Lifestyle Trends in 2017

Beginning of the year inspires me to take an insght in lifestyle trends and possible ideas of how will our reality shape in the course of following months. Why? Well, partially to gratify the internal curiosity to be up to date which direction the world around us is going and partially also to support my refreshed view on certain things. But yes, also to understand the sometimes unconventional ideas of my friends

After the midnight of the New Year’s Eve, I discussed with some friends how they were going to spend the following year. There were not many specified things but one that was outstanding and repetitive was the idea to enjoy the life more. Spending the time to actually live and appreciate life. Sounds so obvious. I just wonder why we have not had that in mind earlier.

Maybe that is just age but perhaps the focus on better, richer and healthier life is the emerging trend.

Doing a little research, detoxification comes to the surface as one of the strongest trends.

That can actually relate to many areas of life

Lifestyle – escapism

In a meaning of healthy enjoyment, focus on time out for a moment. Be it a month, week or maybe few hours in the evening. It is about having the time to express yourself and calm the daily hectic reality.

We will hear more in media about the importance of gratitude, breathing and meditation. The trend is the answer to increasing stress and ratio of people suffering depression.

Within this trend, we can also find the somehow surprising and untypical ones like suspended adulthood for people escaping the worries of adulating.


The interest in being more careful about what we are putting in our body is gaining on significance. The trend for organic food as part of the healthy lifestyle trend has been growing for some time now. Yet it has not reached its peak. The potential is enormous. It will become more important to consumers influencing foodstuff but also cosmetics business strategies very strongly.

Fashion – Buy Less

Detox in this area is very much about limiting the spending on unnecessary things. It is about the reevaluation of priorities and deciding what has true value. It is also connected to the curve of economic growth of generations.

Generation X (35-50 years old group) is at the moment the group with the highest annual income. Still the rising awareness of possible and unnecessary money waste makes them go rather for good quality things once in a while.

Until recently, this group was spending big on houses, cars, investments etc. that is the commodity groups the millennials are mostly not targeting.

Millennials are interested more in meaningful purchases still having the price high as the selection criteria. Millennials is by far the largest group of future consumers reaching its biggest potential in 2020 and this shapes strategies of marketers already now.

Buy less but thoughtful is the growing trend for all generations, still all the groups will keep different perception of what is thoughtful.

Digital detox

Last but not least, the digital detox that is slowly developing into a movement.

We could see last year some trendsetting in that area coming from the world of celebrities. The fact that Kendall Jenner (Kardashian family) being absent on Instagram for a few days was the news of the day on CNN (!?!) is quite astonishing.

Disconnect to reconnect is seen as the way to regain perspective and reassess the value of technology in our life. I would say it is at least an interesting food for thought.





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