Keep your brain fit

Brain is no doubt our most important muscle. Keeping it fit enhances its ability to function at its best. If we may care about and train our body to be healthier, more flexible, energized, faster…why not do the same for our brain. In addition to the advantages gained for today we will be thankful in the future since as scientifically proven fit brain diminishes risk of dementia and related diseases.

Here’s the “Vitamin E” to maintain the youth of your brain.


Eliminate dehydration

Brain is an organic machine and thus needs water. Very simple yet still very much neglected by many. Imagine that brain consist in 70% of water which evaporates all the time during the 24 hours of a day. Water gives the brain critical energy to function properly including wit and memory process. Brain cells need two times more energy than other cells in the body and water provides this energy in the most effective way. Lack of water hinders the focus and sharpness of your brain. It also leads to anger, depression and other risks. In other words water is not only to make your body look better but most of all it’s precious for your brain. Implement this 1.5 l routine a day you have heard about many times but didn’t feel like doing it.


Exhale and start the day with a deep inhale

Open a window after you wake up to breathe some fresh air. In first minutes avoid the screens like inbox, social media, etc. You will lose focus diving into the reactions on what external news bring up. Let your brain reflect on the night that passed by and visualize on what’s ahead.


Exercise your body

I am a fan of a morning exercise. That doesn’t mean however that I’m successful with it every time. Nevertheless I try to at least do some work out in the evening. In whole fairness more for the purpose of lifting my bottom. Still energizing my brain has always been a great second reason. If you have ever done some exercising before going to work or school you have experienced how much positively it boosted your energy for the day. You actually felt you were alive!

Exercise increases pressure of blood which is responsible for delivering of oxygen to the brain. Oxygen is the energy to every single cell in your body and again brain needs it twice as much.

Exercise your brain

Do puzzles, crosswords, calculations in your head, whatever that pushes your brain to work a bit harder. Break the daily routine. Don’t go on autopilot. Challenge your brain.

Take a different road going to work, talk to strangers if you don’t do it regularly or write a list of things starting with the same letter as an example 😉

Whatever you do to push your brain will increase its creative abilities.


Energize with a well-balanced diet

Add to your diet products that have substances best converted into the energy. Without going much into specialized details pick green vegetables, good oils, nuts, fish and whole grain stuff.

Vitamin E, vitamin C and DHA received from food helps protect neurons and nerve cells.

There are many researches around the impact of a diet on the overall quality of body functioning. Not always there is a straight correlation between the diet and lower risk for let say Alzheimer, nevertheless there is no downside to consuming food rich in valuable proteins and fats.

Best food for brain


Explore and learn new things. I have this strong believe that the curiosity of the world, exploring and learning gives brain the extra power. The more we explore the more we use the thinking capabilities of our mind.

Process of learning creates new connections between our neurons. The brain remains active.

Learning of a second language for example which is one of the biggest effort for the brain, increases intelligence and protects it against aging.


Want some of this vitamin E? I do.

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