It’s the most wonderful time of the Year! – Is it ?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We all know Andy Williams song, don’t we? And we all have heard it several times already. In all likelihood, it was in shopping malls or stores.

Christmas time – it is exceptional for sure, but let’s be honest: by the time we sit together at the table, spend time with the closest ones and unwrap gifts, we must pay the price. As long as you don’t believe in Santa anymore, what awaits you are crowded shopping malls, endless queues, hopeless and tense customers, together with zombie-like and tired to death salespersons. I once read, they loathe Christmas time to such a degree, they would be likely to give up all these gifts, food and atmosphere that follow, just not to serve all this shopping spree. That is crazy. That has gone too far. I’m absolutely positive, it is not the wonderfulness Williams meant.

There are lucky ones among us that has bought Christmas presents long before December; those whose apartments are as clean that they sparkle everyday – thus, no need for holiday house clean-ups; and finally – those who are invited by the relatives. No cooking, no cleaning, just gifts and smiley face required.

Well, I’m the lucky one. Going back to my home just two days before Christmas when practically all is ready. Yes, I do feel guilty. I do remorse. But what can I do (living 400km away from my hometown).

However, I have witnessed women breaking their backs to throw up this #flawless Christmas. The food, the gifts, the decorations and all accessories neatly arranged and taken care of. But, truth be told, I’m not so sure whether it was worth it. I hated seeing my closest being terribly exhausted when the merry was about to commence. It is no fun. I’m completely convinced that isn’t what Christmas is about. It is to pursue joyfulness, forgiving, loving and enjoying quality time with the relatives. Who cares whether there are two or five cakes to choose from? Maybe these two gateaux are actually enough for the guests to be filled. What if you didn’t make it to clean the windows? Hey, it’s winter after all, thus, it’s dark outside since 3pm. I’m strongly against spending Christmas in all glittering houses with no atmosphere but only nice-looking façade. Seriously, with laying back a little concerning all these Christmas turmoil, you may yield such a Christmas vibe, all your family would never forget. Isn’t it the Christmas wonder?

How do you feel about the Xmas fuss? Share with us your opinion!

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