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Holiday Inspirations. Start something additional.

This one isn’t about to motivate you to start something new in a sense of changing your life. It’s about taking on something in addition that will enrich your life.

Holiday is the time of the year when our mind gets a bit more relaxation from daily duties. The thoughts are not around the hustle and errands.

For me holiday is typically thinking about my life and how I could explore it better to have it fuller and richer.

It’s the best moment for our mind to sense and grasp new inspirations.

Here are some good examples of the women having done this and experiencing fulfillment in areas not straight forwardly connected with their base profession.

I can almost hear you saying – yeah right, I don’t have the money or I don’t have the connections.

It can be truth. Yet you don’t have to start a new empire. You can start something small that will give you this extra sparkle of excitement.

Anyhow here are just examples of some of my favorite Hollywood stars whom I bow to in respect to their new accomplishments. Good job ladies!

Jessica Alba

In 2008 year Jessica started building a cosmetic empire. After few years of strugling with the idea she couldn’t stop thinking of, she found her business partners and launched the company with 17 products. That was in 2011. You may have noticed Jessica has this little craze over names starting with “H”. It must have started from her big role in “Honey”, she named her daughters Honor and Haven and rounded it up with her company name – Honest. The Honest Company’s mission is to provide families with non-toxic household products from house cleaning products, through skin soaps to diapers and tampons. The worth $ 1.7 billion empire has been expanded by Honest Beauty Company selling skin care and make up products.


Drew Barrymore

Her passion for wines turned into business she nurtures and promotes intensively throughout the USA. The adventure first started in 2011 in Italy but then moved to a place closer home.

drew barrymore wine

In 2013 she started collaboration with California based wine maker Carmel Road. The outcome of the collaboration are two wines so far.

The Barrymore Pinot Grigio and The Barrymore Rose of Pinot Noir.


Of course wines are not the only thing Drew is busy with apart from her acting career and daughters. She is also a writer, a film producer and has her own cosmetic line as well.

Cameron Diaz

One of the most successful actress of 90’s and a former model came up with a brilliant idea to convert her deep interest in a healthy lifestyle into a business.

She first started in 2013 with her book praising the healthy nutrition, strong body and positive mind. The “Body Book” became a number one New York Times bestseller. Then in May this year (2016) she launched the next book called “The Longevity Book” in which she describes the art and science of growing older. With the two books Cameron created a culture of strong women knowing their worth and accepting the process of aging.

Reading the books you can really sense how strongly involved Cameron is in the topic. Expert knowledge which she gathered for the books topped with her personal anecdotes makes it a good read for lazy Sundays.

The authenticity in her case, like in the above examples, is the key to success.

I admire people who have the guts and the motivation to do things beyond their normal (one would think) routine.
I guess that is something that has called me eventually to start this site. And my motivation is to share the inspiration.
Have a wonderful holiday!

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