Gratefulness and the Why and How of it all

Gratefulness is the simplest thing to make you feel happy now.

The WHY.

Neuroscience, as writes Dr. Joe Dispenza in his book, has proven that we can change our brains, and therefore our behaviors, attitudes and beliefs, just by thinking differently.

Thought comes always first and shapes our perception and our reality.

Say, there is a rainy day. What is your thought? It can be neutral, accepting the occurrence as a simple act of nature. It can be positive, associated with plans for the day or appreciation of the nature. The thought can also be crap. And so will be our mood and the instant reality.

I am sure you already understand where I am heading. There are millions of examples like above in our life, related to our family, job, finance and so on.

We have tendency to worry which becomes our unconscious habit. Some of us worry even for the sake of having some worry. Ironically that gives us comfort. Without having some fears or doubts, we feel anxious that something surely will go wrong. We eventually end up controlling our field of worries, which in itself is an illusion.

Now when you think of that, how strange if not silly it is. Really.

Habits, especially those unconscious are very hard to change. First, we have to become aware of them.

Gratefulness and gratitude is therefore the first step to unlearn our brain the habit of feeling bad and anxious.

The HOW.

I do it at least once a week. Still, the more often I do it, the better I feel. If you have never done it, just try simple things. Appreciate your closest environment, your friends, job, and health.

It could be something like

  • I am grateful for my comfortable bed and the nice sheets I sleep in;
  • I am grateful for being healthy;
  • I am grateful for the coffee I am drinking;
  • I am grateful for the book I am reading which gives me joy and new knowledge;
  • I am grateful for my loving friends;
  • I am grateful for the day ahead that gives me new wonderful possibilities;

And so on. You can spend few minutes on a free writing and see where it leads you. Once you start, it gets easier. Elevated mood at the end of the exercise is a guarantee.

Gratitude gives one more advantage next to changing the habit of feeling bad.

It helps focus on what we already have and what we love, to create more of it.

When we focus on what we donโ€™t have or donโ€™t like, we attract more of that.

That is something to keep in mind.

Happy New Year!

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