Going Vegan

Is the current craze just about the urbanites fed up with the processed food that is prevalent in supermarkets and restaurants? Let’s have a deeper insight into recent phenomenon.

Nowadays, it’s rather easy to get lost in the jungle of various dietary regimes. Fleeting fad diets come and go: the Hollywood diet, low-fat, no carbs, high-protein, the Zone diet only to name a few. What to eat to stay healthy? This always has been a question.

Two years ago, when visiting NYC for the first time, I’ve been absolutely astonished with the omnipresence of vegan products and vegan restaurants. The city looked vegan friendly to the extent I have not seen ever before. Not that I wasn’t familiar with the diet, but it hadn’t drawn much public attention being considered as some rather unconventional eating programme.

Not exactly as a surprise, the vegan craze has arrived to Europe shortly after. More and more people has turn vegan and the trend is growing ever since.

“Eat green,” is the guiding principle. And it is to be taken literally: no meat, no fish, no diary, and no eggs.

Just because most of us had been raised with scrambled eggs for breakfast, cheese sandwiches for lunch and pork chops for dinners, veganism sounds freaking insane (!) – especially, for a devoted carnivore with a long experience.

As celebrities have become vegan-affiliates, crowds of fans have followed.

“New vegans” are not actually concerned with the moral aspect of the diet – nor adopting it for good. Beyonce and Jay-Z went vegan only for 22 days. Why? Giving up all animal products played a part in their “spiritual and physical cleanse.”

                                  “New vegans” are, in fact, “part-time vegans.”

Here comes another trend…

The growing number of people is undertaking the challenge of going vegan for seven or 30 days, according to the Vegan Society. For those not yet convinced, Veganuary intends to encourage vegan-curious, vegetarian, health-conscious, and all minding to feel better, to turn vegan for a month.

Seems as another celebratory month? Think again.

Cutting out all animal products may seem as an impossible task but a plethora of benefits it brings sounds just right. Such figures as Erykah Badu, Pamela Anderson, James Cameron, Morissey, Daryl Hannah, Demi Moore, Zoe Deschanel, Natalie Portman, and Prince have long been promoting veganism.

Let’s see why and take a brief look at a few rewards of veganism:


  • Veganism helps in losing weight and slimming down.
  • Eating five portions of fruit and veggies comes natural.
  • You enjoy discovering new foods to fall in love with.
  • Vegans are healthier.
  • All green diet boosts your immunity.
  • It feeds and nourishes your skin, hair and nails.
  • Your energy level increases.
  • Bad breath is reduced.


It’s not that you should go all the way now. Try seven days; or a month. Decide yourself whether the vegan diet is worth it. Small steps in this case are very much welcomed.

I’m going “veg” for the week now. Can’t wait to see what it brings!


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