Fashion Week Facts

February started which inspired me to gather and post few facts about the fashion week. The week or four weeks to be precise that every fashionista is most crazy about…

  1. What and Where

The history looks back to 1943 and Mrs. Eleanor Lambert who brought the fashion from France to USA. Nowadays more and more places are organizing weekly fashion shows however The Fashion Week covers four main fashion industry centers that is New York, London, Milan and Paris

Coming dates:

  • New York – 10-18 February
  • London 19-23 February
  • Milan 24-1 March
  • Paris 2-9 March

Until recent the cities showed designers from the given country however this is not main guideline any longer. As an example Givenchy moved from Paris to New York and The Row vise versa. All for publicity of the brand and stronger expansion in other markets.

Worth to note, the February/March weeks present the preview for trends to be “in” for the coming Fall/Winter and the September/October reveal trends for coming Spring and Summer.

  1. How to get to the show

That one surprised me. Oh my God – I know! How unaware, naive, arrogant (you name it depending on your perception) I was !

It just proves every industry has its insights.

No, you can’t just simply buy a ticket.

And Yes, it’s helpful if you are somehow press and/or fashion related.

Most of the shows allow only selected audience. Sometimes the invitation itself is not sufficient and you may be rejected to enter at the door if the amount of guests ultimately exceeds the number of seats/space.

You may apply for an invite at a sponsor like Mercedes Benz for a so called general access to the area of the event (Lincoln Center time being). It still doesn’t mean you will make it to the show but if it is not full you may get in almost accidently hooked by PR reps.

For additional hints you may refer to advice offered widely by various bloggers online where the one common denominator is, if you are determined enough, you will do it!

Consolation – moderate but still- it’s more and more popular for designers to offer live online streams.

  1. The business behind the fashion week

The cost

The cost of a fashion show is ranging in total expenditure depending on the strategy a company representing designer has. The minimum is $ 200.000 and the cost may go up along the imagination of producers. Some sources indicate amount close to $ 1.000.000 ! Whereas the average length of a show is 10 minutes.

This includes the venue, stylist, production, PR, models and celebrities seating in the front row.

The money income for the city

As per New York City Economic Development Corporation, the economic impact of the event reaches $ 887 million. The amount is said to outweigh the economic benefits of U.S. Open.   The number of people attending the shows goes as high as 230.000 visitors.

The money therefore comes in majority from tourism that is hotels, restaurants and shops. No wonder mayor of the city, Bill de Blasio, shows strong support to the event and to the whole fashion industry in New York.

The promotion

Of course the main aim for the fashion industry is to set promotion for their coming collections. It is about selling new looks and sending message of the brand. Designers focus on creating as much buzz around their work as possible.

Also very important for new comers launching their brands with not too modest investment account.

Who writes what influences the brand rise or collapse.

Apart from the apparel the Fashion weeks started to involve other industries like food , electronics and social media. Car industry seem to be one of the oldest collaborators with examples of Land Rover and Victoria Beckham or Maserati and Zegna.


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