A Love Affair of Fashion and Tech. Meet wearable technology

The world of music and technology has been a couple for many years. Now it’s the fashion and tech that seems to get closer with every year passing.

It’s in the starting phase. Still it’s interesting to see where it is going and what the ideas are to use the technology in clothes and accessories we wear daily. With style.

Google glass and IWatch have been given a lot of publicity. But what else is there worth our attention?

Here is the selections of things that perhaps will jump shortly on your wish list.


  • Fitness tracker. A cooperation of Fitbit and Tory Burch.

Beautiful case covering the tracker designed by Tory Burch gives the regular gym class device an elegant touch.

tory burch

 source: ToryBurch.de 


  • Bracelet charger. Case Mate Lightening Cable Bracelet

Rebecca Minkoff teamed up with Case Mate to provide us with a leather bracelet that converts into your iphone charger while on the go and in case of need.

rebecca minkoff

 source: nordstrom 

  • Smart Ring. This lovely piece provided by Ringly connects with your Iphone through an app.

The ring is to alarm you about the feed you want to be notified. You may set it to let you know about incoming emails, messages or new stories in your social media or selected apps. No need to keep your smartphone lying on the table or taking it every minute out of your bag while you in the meeting or at a club waiting for a message. Plus the ring looks edgy and classy.


 source: https://ringly.com/ 

  • Now imagine a bag that will change its looks depending on your mood or the weather outside.

VanDerWaals offers a handbag that changes colors to suit your outfit, mood or surrounding. It just needs a connection through an iOS App. The bag also notifies you of incoming phones.


 source: http://van-der-waals.com/ 

  • How about some light in the inside of you bag?

If that’s something you have dreamt of you have to see the Glass Handbag. It is a lovely combination of great design and technology. The bags have built in lighting system.


 source: http://van-der-waals.com/ 


  • Last but not least. Fitness tracking smart bra.

After teaming up with Ralph Lauren to introduce the Polo Tech Shirt, OMsignal, a Montreal-based maker of wearable-technology products is just launching a product tailored specifically for women. It is not only to give you tracking on the usual parameters such as calories burnt or heart rate and distance. The designed biometric coach will evaluate your effort vs you goals and will tell you if and how you can try harder.

bra source: http://urbanwearables.technology/ 



It’s a lot to look into and it is just the beginning of the boom within the wearable tech.

I don’t know how about you but as a start I am going for the Rebecca Minkoff killer charger bracelet !

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