Energy is everything

Energy is everything.  According to physicists, energy is also everywhere. It forms our environment and our body and cells. It constantly moves and flows and thus energizes and gives us power.

Looking from a different perspective, every object, including a person has certain energy, which is either attracting or pushes us away. I am sure you have encountered people that you are drawn to, that have that appealing energy, and those whom you don’t feel comfortable with.

Have you also noticed that your own energy does not only attract other people with similar energy but also circumstances and events in your life?

Why should we protect the energy level ?

High energy level boosts action, creativity and positive vibe. Everything is possible. The life around is more accessible, more at ease.

The output you put forward creating from that positive feeling, will reflect in your work as well, attracting people and circumstances your direction.

Think of the last time you felt highly vibrant. Maybe you spoke at ease to your friends or to strangers, the tasks at work were all somehow easy to handle and the errands you had to run went smooth. You had a great day.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could keep that level of energy? What if this is possible?

Downsizes of low vibe.

On the other side, when you are in your low energy, you are less immune to negativity. Things simply get on your nerves and you easily become irritated by little things not to mention those with bigger weight.

Low energy makes you tired and powerless. You do not feel like doing something. Things that are on your table seem complicated and take a lot of effort. Therefore, the expectation towards results starts to drop and is fear based.

If you try to create from a feeling of low energy, the content you create reflects this energy level as well.

Who wants that? Certainly not me. Luckily, we all can affect our energy and make it joyful and vibrant.

If you want to show up to the world as a person you want to be,  get familiar with importance of the energy and how to manage it.

Secondly, if you drive to have control over all the outcomes in your life, focus on controlling the energy instead. I am myself the “been there, done that” case. Now learning to release and allow more flow into my life.

Here are the two basic, beginner level tools that you can use to work around your energy level.

The first one is gratitude.

Buy yourself a nice journal or simply take a piece of paper and put down each day what you are grateful for. We tend to take all the good things for granted and focus only on those we lack. Change the perception. Focus on what you already have to attract more of the good stuff into your life.

By doing this simple exercise, you will feel good about your past, happy about your present and positive about the future.

I have just come across Dave Meltzer free app, that offers 30 day practice to say “thank you” as an act of gratitude. Great solution if we need additional stimulus. You might also google this gentleman. Great motivation.

The second one is the “conscious steering list”.

That simply is a list of things that make you feel good and a list of things that drag you down. You do not really have to put it down, however it is recommended to at least have it in mind. I actually physically wrote it for the sake of this post.

  • lit candles which create this soft vibe around home
  • catching up with friends
  • listening to podcasts
  • inspiring discussions
  • exercising
  • meditating
  • home décor
  • cooking

I have a lot of to pick from to bounce back and the list may go on and on

  • TV news around politics these days
  • Gossiping and judging people
  • Rudeness

I  consciously choose to avoid things and situation that are poisoning. And you can do it too.

Last, but not least, no one is perfect. Doing above exercises will not save you from a lousy day. For sure though you will learn that it is only you, nobody else, that is responsible for how you feel.

And most importantly you have the power to make the shift.

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