Energy is everything

Energy is everything.  According to physicists, energy is also everywhere. It forms our environment and our body and cells. It constantly moves and flows and thus energizes and gives us power. Looking from a different perspective, every object, including a person has certain energy, which is either attracting or pushes us away. I am sure you have encountered people that


10 Things to know about Bitcoins

You must have come across the word. Bitcoins. Mysteriously sounding expression, still in its sounding connected to coins. That is some sort of money. That is some sort of currency.  Correct! As bitcoins became this year a super hot topic across financial markets and not only, you should probably get at least some basic insight in what those forex specialist


Women in Davos

We just had an annual World Economic Forum held in Switzerland, known as the meeting in Davos. It has its history back in early 70’s 20th century. Having gone itself through some transformation it focuses nowadays on topics around the world economy, touching on most current political, social and technological developments. The event gathered this year 3000 participants from 90


3D Printing shaping the future lifestyle

Despite its beginning in the 80’s 20th century, 3D printing exists broader in the news for last three to four years. Over this time, scientists and innovators from different fields have been trying it more and more in different industries. In 2013, McKinsey pointed it as one of the technologies that will transform our lifestyle in the future. This transformation

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public speaking

Public Speaking Tips

Public speaking is considered as being the most stressful thing right after the fear of death. When I learnt that I became both, more stressed about the idea of ever having to speak in public and relaxed as it was some kind of prove I wasn’t the only one finding it stressful. Over the time I went from an overwhelming


The things rich (successful) people do

Inspired through a session of motivational and inspirational speakers I listened to in a conference this week I decided to share the set of knowledge that is to make you rich. Realizing that this kind of advice is often met with sarcasm of disbelievers, I can only say that reading it can either give you some valuable suggestion or be

Social Media Marketing.

The Secrets behind Social Media Marketing

Learning about social media marketing in pursue to find the best way for myself I came across diversified and valuable information. Here’s the core I want to share with you that will help you find way to improve your marketing efforts and perhaps give social media a(nother) try if you haven’t so far. Key advantages and benefits of social media


The most powerful and influential women of today

Meet the most influential ladies of today. Below is not a ranking but just a list or better said the tip of an iceberg of the most influential women in their fields and specializations but also having broad impact outside the scope of their daily professions. Hillary Clinton The lady doesn’t need an introduction. A Yale Law School graduate involved


Keep your head in the cloud. Cloud Technology – disruptive trend.

Cloud technology broadly described as cloud computing is another technology characterized as disruptive. Disruptive technology means a technology that is to have most probable significant effect on development in economy. The impact of this specific technology will create various shifts. There will be changes in cost structure of organizations. The shift will also regard flexibility of available IT solutions. Last


A Love Affair of Fashion and Tech. Meet wearable technology

The world of music and technology has been a couple for many years. Now it’s the fashion and tech that seems to get closer with every year passing. It’s in the starting phase. Still it’s interesting to see where it is going and what the ideas are to use the technology in clothes and accessories we wear daily. With style.


BIG Data for beginners – 3 things you should know

“Ten years from now when we look back at how this era of big data evolved… We will be stunned at how uninformed we used to be when we made decisions” (Billy Bosworth, DataStax CEO (2015)) This quote drawn my attention and put into perspective the life we are leaving today when it comes to taking decisions. The more that


Digital Technology – Trends in 2016

One would like to say New Year – New Trends. Well there’s something about it. Definitely the beginning of the new year is the best time to stop and think for a moment if the world around us is changing and whether or not this will have an influence on us. The scope of areas where we can identify new


Women in business vs GDP

Can more women in business add up to the world economy? We are living in times when boosting world economies becomes a challenge and belief in forecasts of growth is far from solid. Looking at already some good years back we come to conclusion we can’t fully base plans for economic or corporate growth on past performance or experience. We


Mobile Internet – Disruptive Technology

Have you ever thought of how the surrounding technology influences your lifestyle and habits ? Have you ever thought how it influences your needs ? Or these are perhaps the needs that influence the innovation and creation of new technologies ? In this and coming posts we will introduce some of the disruptive technologies of today and of the future.