Dream Board – Powerful Visualization Tool

Visualization of your dreams helps you get clarity of your goals. Dream board is a perfect way to get started with planning of your ideal life.

I tried making a dream board for the very first time a year ago invited by an inspiring friend.

At that time I took it as a great possibility to do something new, have fun and meet some new friends which I did but yes mostly to have fun at a glass of wine.

I started my map only, leaving it unfinished, though being very satisfied with my craft and the experience it was associated with. The map itself made an impact on me in a sense that I felt somehow bonded to it and wanted to get back to it finishing the unfinished art so to say.

Still I haven’t had (somehow) the time as it (sometimes) happens until two weeks ago. Surprisingly when I saw it I was stunned the majority of things put on the map somehow came true in the course of the year.

I worked on and practiced my public speeches, I launched my website which I had in mind for some time and planned my trip to NY.

Some of the unspecified plans even sort of realized as the picture of a beautifully set table standing outdoors with a view over an olive mediterranean garden turned into an invitation to a Greek wedding that I’ve totally not expected. I’m going of course! Exciting!

This all got me wondered about the power of the dream board (however silly it sounds). Naturally it made me start working on a new one which this time is an almost fully done nicely polished diamond.

Vision Board

What is a dream board?

It has a lot to do with planning but it’s more around the feeling and aura of it. Being specific about our goals is crucial at detailed planning, however dream board is more looking at the big picture. It’s a visual representation of our desires and dreams for the future.

The good thing about it is it makes you stop and think. Yes, stop and think (this one is stressed for a reason) how you would like to feel and whom you would like to be in the future. Rushing and running errands one day after another doesn’t usually leave much time for that.

It’s around the questions of what you would like to do, achieve, change, surround yourself with. And sometimes how do you want to go that given path you set for yourself.

In that respect it has the attributes of real planning management like:

  • What – plans, directions, changes, desires;
  • Why – why do I want to do that? Health, wealth, wisdom, happiness, fulfillment?
  • How – it’s not a must to put that on the board, though it’s helpful;
  • When – it is said the board should be renewed every year. This means that some of the short term goals should realize whereas those more complicated long term goals need a bit more time. Every year we may either continue with our frame goals while putting new ones along.
  • Who – Mostly “Me, Myself and I” but the board has also space and freedom to add people you feel helpful or want to be connected with.


How to do a vision board?

The technique I know and would recommend is to simply use magazines. You cut out pictures and sentences, words that appeal to you and represent the visualization of your goal. Then what you need to do is to put them on the board. Fun!

Vision Board Magazines

Vision Board Magazines


You may stick the pictures how you like them to be displayed – a method used by my 5 year old daughter – but the common way would be to put them using the guide of Bagua nine box chart.


Bagua Chart, dream board, vision board.

Bagua Chart, dream board, vision board.

You can find more details here .

Every box represents area around you (in the middle). By using this pattern you get the chance to focus on varying aspects of your life and get a comprehensive, complex picture.

While doing the board yourself is a nice way to spend an evening if you’re not much into art classes you may try out one of many applications available online to help you with it. Then you can use your time for it when sitting at an airport as an example. I really like the idea. Have not tried it yet though.

Attitude matters…

It’s worth to be bold doing that board. I mean it’s for you and about your dreams. Why not go wild with it. Dream board being a visualization tool is based on the Law of Attraction. Limiting thoughts result in limited effects.

Have you tried it already? Please share. Would be wounderful to hear your expereince with it.







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