Things you should know about leadership

Leadership is not simply about having the power to take the decision. It is about having the power to make the decision happen. To influence the decision on one side. On the other side to support people, it would not have been possible without. The followers. To put it differently, leadership may be associated with management and it is good


Business Travel Packing

My over 10 year experience in an international company has taught me, among other things, a lot about packing when traveling on business. The experience of spending a night at the Munich airport in a middle of snowstorm or the occasionally cancelled connecting flights added a new perspective on what can actually be useful on top of the things you

giving feedback

The Art of Giving Feedback

Giving feedback is an inevitable form of communication. Right? That’s actually a question whether or not and when to use it. Some cultures are more feedback driven than others. Taken the western style it’s expected that superior provides feedback on often basis especially on the performance shortcomings. In eastern cultures people tend to avoid it seeing as totally uncomfortable and

the art of conversation

The Art of Conversation – 5 key rules

Good conversation is everything. Think how you met your best friend. It all started from one of those best discussions you had in long time. Right? Conversation is what builds relation. And relation is essential to be successful. In your social, professional and business life. Simple as that. But is that really simple? Especially in today’s busy times when we


Key messages for women in the workforce

Woman’s life is complex and requires serious decision making about the future. They may be happy and fulfilled staying at home raising children. However if they chose to stay in the workforce it’s worth to be aware of what helps to achieve a rewarding and fulfilling position.   Here are three core messages that Mrs. Sheryl Sandberg promotes in her

carrer woman working promotion advice set pace

How to set a pace for your career and increase chance for promotion

Learn and pay attention No matter how educated you are or how experienced you may be, it’s worth to learn how the things work in new working environment. It’s not the best move to push forward your ideas without understanding the context. Something could work fine in other company but it may be a failure in a different organization. Learning


6 hints to a successful job interview

Conducting interviews over the years has shaped me as an interviewer and also given me the vision of ideal discussion that results in my higher interest in the interviewee. Here are few tips that I deeply recommend to boost your chance for a successful application. I’m not going to write about the qualifications, education or experience. I’m going to assume


5 Tips to get better organized at work

  Plan your week. I mean putting down tasks in your calendar. This is the base. Whatever you put in writing gets higher chance of putting it into realization. Plan in particular: Things to arrange for; Schedule your meetings; Other “to do” things according to your deadlines, prioritization, etc.;   Go with a plan for a given day You have


Networking – to Do It or NOT to Do It ?

The answer is simple. Do It! And here is why.. In short, it is valid for your current business as well as for your potential paths of doing business and not only. I listed down below some of the main advantages when considering the value of networking. The order is not random although it may turn out you will praise