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My over 10 year experience in an international company has taught me, among other things, a lot about packing when traveling on business.

The experience of spending a night at the Munich airport in a middle of snowstorm or the occasionally cancelled connecting flights added a new perspective on what can actually be useful on top of the things you plan to have with you at the destination.

I therefore divide my packing list into two separate spheres.

The main luggage destination items and the travel handbag ones.

The registered luggage.


Businesswoman traveling

Whether you register your suitcase or not is actually up to you, the length of stay and the comfort you like to have. Nowadays we hear a lot about light packing. It is even in fashion to go light. This is very pragmatic, especially if your stay is up to two nights long, you do not need official outfits and you do not want to waste time waiting at the belt.

For longer stays or the flights with layovers at the airports, I tend to choose the registered option. I do not have to carry the suitcase around during the travel. That gives me comfort to take the things I need without limited quantity and I am prepared to face the fact I am not following the light packing trend.

Whatever the way is, here are the things that I recommend to consider useful.

Think of your schedule.

Plan your outfits for the days. Adjust the style to the dress code for the meetings. For business trips, the style ranges between business, business casual and smart casual. If you need any hint of what that means, go here. Still consider what the common style in your company is or in the company, you go to visit.

It may be that despite the instruction on the agenda for a casual attire, all the attendees will show up wearing business casual.

If the style is not defined and you are not sure it is always better to come slightly overdressed then under. I would target business casual.

Take the โ€œjust in caseโ€ items.

  • On my list is always a warm cardigan and I am always thankful I took it, be it outdoors or in a cold hotel room in the evening. The air conditioning is sometimes a bit too much ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Other extra things are additional blouse and a pair of heels or at least some flats.
  • Do not forget about the hair. Most hotel rooms provide a hairdryer so it is unnecessary to take one with you. What I recommend instead is a styling brush. As they say, you may wear anything unless your hair and shoes are polished. And, in case, a dryer happens not to work, you may use the brush.
  • Sportswear, in case there is a nice gym in your hotel and you are in the mood


When on the wayโ€ฆThe hand luggage.


business light packing


As much as it is important to pack for your stay, it is also important to think what you may need getting there.

The things to consider having in your handbag

  • Big shawl โ€“ it tends to get cold on board of the plane. It is always nice to have something warm to wrap into. You can ask on board for a blanket. Still I think it is nicer to have something that is yours and in addition may serve you well outside the plane. Imagine a colder wind outside or worse โ€“ a sleepover at the airport.
  • Flights and hotel booking confirmations โ€“ Do not take your smartphone for granted. Hard copies may sometimes be of need.
  • Spare set of basic essentials โ€“ toothbrush and paste, basic make up accessories, underwear, wet and soft tissues, basic medicine. That is actually something you may not make use of every time however when the time comes you will be thankful you used this advice.
  • All the tech essentials โ€“ especially the phone charger and headphones if you like to listen to podcast or music.
  • A notebook and things to read in your spare time.

Last but not least. Create one perfect list for your business trips and then reach out to it every time you need it. It will save some time and stress for the future.



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