The three benefits of meditation

The experience I got through meditation has so many benefits I thought it would be unfair to keep it to myself. In a need to give I spread it further. I would encourage everyone who feels any kind of anxiety, sadness, lack of motivation or happiness to try this powerful thing.

Actually the fact that it has already been used since the ancient times and is present nowadays among different profound business people , surprises me in a way it’s not as common as eating.

After practicing it for last months I am able to define measurable benefits meditation gives me.

I actually experience three main boosts. Strength, Serenity and Believe (Faith)


There are many things in our daily life that require certain amount of guts. Accumulation of power and certainty that we reach desired outcome is valid ingredient to achieving success or simply a happy and fulfilled life.

We encounter daily various obstacles blocking us from going forward. What will others say?  Am I worth it? Or am I good enough?

We often tend to project future in an unhelpful way dragging us down rather then elevating. This is our imagination playing with us and holding us back from joy. Yes, the joy. Sometimes we even use this “trick” on purpose to feel safe as in a way protecting our ego from a bed outcome experience. That however has no positive influence on our development. Fear based emotions will not lead to creativity and success.

Meditation learns techniques that support self-confidence system. Thanks to that we feel empowered to do things we would normally not feel comfortable to do. For sure you have experienced in your life a situation when you deep down wanted to do something, something that kept you up at night or something that you felt simply brilliant. Still, above obstacles, the limiting believes came on board and discouraged you.

Result. No progress, no dream come true to say the least.



It is everybody’s dream to lay down peacefully in the evening without worrying about the future or errands that one needs to run the next day, week or whenever. Basis for that calm is the trained and nourished believe that everything is OK. You may ask how the hell you can say it’s OK if you have this and that problem on your shoulder.

Tricky thing is that meditation calms our nerve system and regulates cortisol, the stress hormone. Thanks to that we are able to think brighter and take balanced decisions. What is same important, we can appreciate current moment and how much we have right now. The recipe for serenity is the gratitude.

How often are you with yourself “right now” appreciating what you have or simply acknowledging your presence?

Another practice that improves the well-being of our mind and of our body is to choose peace. What I mean by that is that you can always choose how you want to feel.

It’s about conscious decision. It is not always easy. Sometimes it is actually pretty hard. However, having in mind the stress effect and how destructive it is to our mental and physical health, it is worth to be more of a peace maker.

For sure you have stuck in a traffic one day when you were quite hurry somewhere. What was your reaction? Biting a steering wheel so to say and yelling in the air may be the easiest and quickest reaction. Still for sure it will not make you feel any better. You will arrive on a very low energy level, hating everything and everyone around you. Moving down the spiral of negativity.

The solution is to think that you are going slowly in that car for some reason. Say to avoid an accident or meet someone you was to meet. It may be, there will be no special reason behind but still also our being late will have zero negative effect. On the contrary, the  positive effect will be our saved good mood and the mood of the others around you. Create more positive energy around you and it will pay you off.

If you are not much into meditation yet, practice just that and you will be surprised how much good it brings. It is good to feel good.



One of the most curing believes meditation offers, is that everything unfolds in the right order and in the right time. That believe limits resentment over the things that didn’t happen or things that went “wrong”.

As an example this one day in a company I used to work for, I was told to move to a different department. I was devastated hearing the news. I literally cried. I really hated the idea having already in my mind a different path for my future.

Still the universe had a totally different plan for me. A plan beyond my imagination.  Accepting the new direction led me just after few years to a top position in a company that was about to be established.

Of course at that time I didn’t have a clue about meditation. Neither was I able to surrender to the universe. It takes some practice, it takes a lot of believe. However once you do it, you feel great.

Feeling good is the greatest gift to yourself and, citing Gabriele Bernstein, feeling good is the greatest contribution you can give to the world.


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