Let’s start with an A…like Amsterdam. Restaurant review.

When I was asked to write a recommendation of a restaurant in Amsterdam I thought it was an easy one for me having been and tasted in many which is what I love to do most…(almost 😉 )

During my visits in this beautiful city of the art, bicycles and canals I was as usual determined to choose an interesting restaurant for a dinner. Normally I felt successful when a place met my expectations 🙂

At the beginning, for those who do not know much about Dutch kitchen I must say that it is a rather poor one from a historic point of view (no offense to all the Dutch).

The traditional Dutch kitchen is associated with cabbage, bread, cheese, herring, chicory and the one and only POTATO! Just look at Vincent van Gogh painting – De aardappeleters, that stands for Eating potatoes –and the painting has three versions! Oh my God – right?

The dishes are simple, made of vegetables, which are sometimes overcooked. The typical dish named “stamppot” is made of potatoes smashed with other vegetables. Not really encouraging to try. But, to be fair and honest, the Netherlands are multicultural country also with huge influence from Indonesia. Multinational kitchen is all around – best Chinese wontons, super Italian pastas as well as great Argentinean steaks are reachable without any problem.

After all the degustation I had there I still felt there could be something more…AND…

Just between main Amsterdam shopping street – Kalverstraat and the museum area, near the flower market situated along Herengracht canal you can spend extremely tasteful time in a small inconspicuous restaurant, hidden down the street Vijzelstraat.

It has the menu in the typical Dutch manner – you are choosing from 3-, 4-, 5- or 6 dinner courses and each is a surprise for you. Also the wine can be matched by the concierge to each dish separately. The Chef is using only local, fresh seasonal products, sometimes forgotten by us as the ingredients in the kitchen. Additionally, what is very nice for the consumer you make the suggestions what is not welcomed on your plate. They really respect it, composing alternative course especially for you. The restaurant is small and not in very ascetic, industrial design that could be seen as dominant for Scandinavia. The served food and service despite not being on the low budget is definitely worth its price.

After the dinner you are totally sure, that all your senses are touched totally, and maybe that is why the name is Senses Restaurant.

“Senses restaurant prepares unconventional and creative food art with the best of organic and sustainable ingredients…Enjoy a selection of our innovative menu or one of his daily changing surprise menu’s, inspired by the 5 senses using the freshest seasonal ingredients.” 

Eet smakelijk. Enjoy!

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