The portal’s core mission is to empower women. To provide interesting solutions and ideas for women eager to explore, intrigue and inspire the world.

Successful Woman of Today (SWoT) focuses on many aspects of life.

You will find three main sections covering education, lifestyle and career, the areas where we feel one can always look for inspiration.

Ongoing exploration in pursue for inspiration is our mission which we want to share with you.

To empower women, to set them for action, to contribute to their happiness.


If you are a person who values self improvement but who also wants to be up to date with new technologies and trends which are business and life style related, this is a place for you.


CREATE YOUR OUT O PORTRET ! – Our synonym for Self-portrait.



You can always find something that you want to explore. Turn off TV, turn off your phone. Turn ON YOUR MIND! Only by exploring new things you find yourself wanting more…and you realize about unknown unkowns…

Another positive – that brings happyiness to your mind!

Find out here about new breaking technologies and market trends.



Good wine, recommended cuisine, new flavors and trends in food but also in fashion. Travel, shopping, diet. There is so much to it. But the real substance is the woman herself and the inspiration that we may take from one another.



Here you will find information how to steer and influance your career and also what to put an ephasis on while searching your dream destination.